Uprising in South Central

”– The four cops are cleared of all charges.”
”– And on the intersection of Florence and Normandie, South Central L.A.”
”– That’s where it begins.”
”– The LAPD asks for help.”
”– Curfew.”
”– No one is allowed outside from dusk to dawn.”
”– The LAPD asks for help. So they arrive.”
”– Helicopters everywhere.”
”– And on the ground. They’re everywhere.”
”– 1100 marines.”
”– 600 others from the army.”
”– 6500 from the National Guard. Even more soldiers.”
”– April, 1992. And just like in London 19 years later, everyone wants to know.”


/from Shoresh/The Ground is On Fire


March 3rd 1991, Rodney King was brutally beaten by four police officers and the beating was caught on video. April 29th 1992 all the police officers were cleared of all charges and people started protesting on the streets of Los Angeles. 55 people were killed.